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Smudge Wands & Herbs
smudge wand
Our smudge wands are hand crafted using turkey, goose, pheasant, rooster, and ostrich feathers, as well as leather, crystals, minerals, and other embellishments.
The wands assist with clearing and purifying your space, to direct the smoke from your sacred herbs or holy wood into the areas to be energetically cleansed.
We offer custom designs with your preferences for color, embellishments or materials. Each wand is blessed with healing energy and created in sacred space.

We also carry abalone shells, and a variety of smudging herbs and Palo Santo, as well as special blends of smokeless smudge sprays.
Negativity that invades my sacred place
I banish you away with the light of my grace.
You have no hold or power here.
For I stand and face you with no fear.
Be gone forever, for this I will say.
This is my sacred place and you will obey
Ideas for Smudging
  • On yourself to clear your energy
  • In a room or space after a negative encounter
  • To clear stagnant or blocked energy in a space
  • To bless and protect vehicles for safe passage
sumdge wand
smudge wand
How to Smudge
Although you will find many different methods to smudge a space, the essential concept includes intention, prayer, and movement. 

Before beginning, clear your own energy and center yourself with three deep cleansing breaths. Connect with the energy of your space. Openly state your intention for the smudging, for instance, “I remove all negative energy from this space.” 

Light your sacred herb of choice and purpose in a fire-safe container (abalone shell, or glass/ceramic pot with sand on bottom) and allow the fire to extinguish creating burning embers and smoke (a soft breath on the fire helps to extinguish the flame). Be sure to open windows before beginning your ceremony.
Using your wand, gently waft the herb smoke into the areas to be cleared, while reciting your prayer or intention. Begin at the East side of the room at the highest level of building and move clockwise through the room. Repeat moving down to the next level of the building/home. 

Keep doors or windows open for at least 10 minutes to allow the smoke to rise out of the room, carrying the energetic debris to the heavens for transmutation. Envision all negativity leaving the space and turning to white light. 

Please be mindful to ensure no embers escape to prevent potential fire.

smudge wand
Smudging Prayers
There are many Smudging Prayers available on the Internet. Try a simple Google search for “smudging prayer” to find your favorite or create your own.
Always remember that your words carry a vibration to the Universe, so keep thoughts, words, and intentions positive and heart centered.  
smudge wand
smudge wand
What's Right for Me?

These items are an example of wands already sold. For a customize wand, let's chat!

 You may wish to incorporate some of the following items into your wand depending on your purpose and preferences. If you prefer an item not on the list below, just let me know. 
Goose:  travel, imagination and communication, discernment of truth, strength while traveling spiritual path.

Ostrich: release what no longer serves & make room for new; protection from harmful spiritual or psychic intrusion.
Peacock:  structure, balance and strength of mental, emotional and spiritual foundations. Endurance in spiritual and physical matters.
Pheasant:  brings healing to family matters, helps to verbalize compassion. Find confidence and persistence.
Rooster:  guardian, teaches enthusiasm and optimism, and stimulates confidence and forthrightness.
Turkey:  adaptability in all areas of life, teaches vitality of life and how all is sacred. Listen to higher vision to achieve goals.
Amethyst:  protection, purification, Divine connection and release of addiction.
Citrine:  manifestation, personal will, mental clarity and creativity.
Clear Quartz:  clearing, cleansing and healing, amplifies and magnifies the energies of all around the stone.
Green Aventurine:  vitality, growth and confidence. Stone of good fortune.
Hematite:  grounding, manifestation, making the spiritual physical. Aids in self forgiveness.
Red Jasper:  grounding, strength and vitality, stabilization of one’s energies.
Black:  clearing and releasing negativity, mystical, also notes elegance and power
White:  purification, faith, peace and cleansing
Brown:  earth, planting new seeds, grounding
Grey:  infinite interpretation, range of possibilities
Red:  love, passion, intensity, personal security
Blue:  peace, tranquility, trust and harmony
Purple:  royalty, spirituality, sacred wisdom and enlightenment
Green:  nature and environment, good luck, renewal, health and money
smudge wand
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