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Calligraphy Stone is also known as Cobra Stone, Arabic Stone and Miriam Stone and other names. This interesting and beautiful stone looks as though someone has done Calligraphy all over it, but these markings are fossilized shells.

Physical Energy Properties: This stone can help relieve skin issues and scalp issues. Great for circulation and tissue.

Emotional Energy Properties: Helps you to stay optimistic through difficult times. Brings in pleasure to balance the stress and busyness of modern day life. A good stone to bring when travelling and making business deals. Helps in making decisions and planning for the future. Helps you move forward from the past and bring in the lessons you’ve learned from the past.

Chakras: Connected with the Solar Plexus and Third Eye chakra.

By keeping this stone nearby, you can ensure that all negative thoughts leave your mind and get replaced by bright and positive ones.

Use Calligraphy Stone if you are suffering from depression because this stone can bring joy and positive energy to your life.

Moreover, if you belong to a creative field of work such as writing, art, or theatre, etc. then possessing this stone can enhance your creativity and give you inspiration for your work.

This very reason makes Calligraphy Stone a top choice among writers as this stone can lift writer’s block.

Calligraphy Stone Wand